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gouache is NOT my thing


gosh you guys ;~; these are the nicest asks i’ve ever gotten

they make me really happy because I’ve been feeling down on my style for a while now haha…. thanks to all of you ;-;

likeclimbing: i like that period in anime a lot!! idk the style is just nice and homey to me idk that’s probably not the right word but i find comfort in it usually. also your ask was really accurate haha.. i like to be more loose with lines or else i draw way too stiff and gross…

i’ve been kind of working on rendering detail but no matter how much i practice it i usually find that my detail drawings don’t look so good LOL so instead of continuing to try to force it i’ve just learned to work without it i guess…maybe one day i’ll pick up detailing as a habit but generally i never think to do it.. it doesn’t bother me it’s just not something i ever think to do i guess :^o thanks for sending this to me!! it made me happy to read

sjw897z7t9b26vr2u2hg07072t4362r9: that’s one heck of a url

i’m glad that you see my art style as different ;-; that’s really important to me.. i feel like my style is kind of generic anime but ppl tell me otherwise, i feel glad….

i like to keep it soft and i’m glad that shows through in my art ;-; thank you for this ask!!!

saturnpolice: wooohhh i’m really glad my art has an airy feel that’s what i go for and i’m glad that’s conveyed well.. hehe….

i think i know what you mean… like a lot of my inspiration comes from things like kaiba and the little prince and spacey soft stuff like that…. it’s my fave sort of minigenre i really like to toy with it hehe

thank you for sending this in ;-; it make sense to me…

all you guys are so nice i’m really happy


Anonymous: I won't do that great of a job, but I think your style is really neat. The lines are clean and concise and they all have a purpose. It reminds me of raindrops because everything fits together somehow, and your style is a little rounded at the edges. But there's something really warm beautiful about it. :) Keep drawing in your wonderful style, it never ceases to amaze.

raindrops… really cute……

thank you so much for this cute ask ;~;


Catgut & Steel || usuk FST


tracklist || 01. The Bad In Each Other - Feist || 02. The Rip Tide - Beirut || 03. Slow Down - Bowerbirds || 04. Young Bride - Midlake || 05. My Family’s Role In The World Revolution - Beirut || 06. Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley || 07. I Got Nobody Waiting For Me - M. Craft || 08. The Upper Peninsula - Sufjan Stevens || 09. Second To Numb - Kings of Convenience || 10. Boat Behind - Kings of Convenience || 11. Rake (Greenpoint Version) - Sufjan Stevens ||

mostly melancholy violin and guitar, enjoy


er…. kay


NOTE: can’t ship books this week because all manner of exams came up before spring break go figure

i want to put a tentative ship date of friday next week because i’m going to be in Boston (whoo) until probably thursday

just a heads up!


i want school to be over forever


Also the USUK collab book is on sale now

there are 10 in stock!!!



HEY!! All orders of the usuk collab book were shipped!!!

I will ship books to the artists soon along with any extra book orders. Currently I am having computer problems, but if I can get them resolved I’ll put the extras on sale. Thanks!