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Anonymous: Just curious, do you have an FAQ? if not what kind of pens and paper/sketch books do you use? :O

i do not!! but i can tell you!

I do a lot of different drawing so I switch pens based on what I want to do.

SERIOUS COMICS (for print and sell):

pencil: used to be .5 mm but testing this .3 mm and it works really nice. HB so erasing is easier and lining is clearer

pen: used to use nikko G nib (dip pen), but i think it’s kinda too thick so now i’m using zebra G nib

paper: i use maxon doujinshi size manuscript bc its the only kind the shop had lol but jetpens sells deleter’s doujinshi paper (A4 size i think. it crops to B5) and that should work. it’s smooth for lining..


pencil: same old

pens: a lot of crap

> pilot drawing pen - alcohol based and really neat to mess with

> uniball vision blue and red pens - i also bought a pink but haven’t used yet

> copic warm gray no 5 for filling in

> a lot of others but i forget.. if you have a specific drawing in mind i can probably tell you what i used

all of those except the copic (MAYBE) are available on jetpens.com it’s really nice!

paper: either canson XL mixed media sketchbook (cheap and takes everything really, textured surface) or smooth bristol (expensive but smooth for using scratchy pens) although i think it’s better off to use printer paper instead of bristol if you’re not going to do a lot of markering or watercoloring

i hope that helped you ;-; if not just shoot me another and i’ll answer!!







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Sigh….. I went to kino……

life is hard when you only care about two characters and everything is blind box


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gouache is NOT my thing


gosh you guys ;~; these are the nicest asks i’ve ever gotten

they make me really happy because I’ve been feeling down on my style for a while now haha…. thanks to all of you ;-;

likeclimbing: i like that period in anime a lot!! idk the style is just nice and homey to me idk that’s probably not the right word but i find comfort in it usually. also your ask was really accurate haha.. i like to be more loose with lines or else i draw way too stiff and gross…

i’ve been kind of working on rendering detail but no matter how much i practice it i usually find that my detail drawings don’t look so good LOL so instead of continuing to try to force it i’ve just learned to work without it i guess…maybe one day i’ll pick up detailing as a habit but generally i never think to do it.. it doesn’t bother me it’s just not something i ever think to do i guess :^o thanks for sending this to me!! it made me happy to read

sjw897z7t9b26vr2u2hg07072t4362r9: that’s one heck of a url

i’m glad that you see my art style as different ;-; that’s really important to me.. i feel like my style is kind of generic anime but ppl tell me otherwise, i feel glad….

i like to keep it soft and i’m glad that shows through in my art ;-; thank you for this ask!!!

saturnpolice: wooohhh i’m really glad my art has an airy feel that’s what i go for and i’m glad that’s conveyed well.. hehe….

i think i know what you mean… like a lot of my inspiration comes from things like kaiba and the little prince and spacey soft stuff like that…. it’s my fave sort of minigenre i really like to toy with it hehe

thank you for sending this in ;-; it make sense to me…

all you guys are so nice i’m really happy